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New opportunity for volunteers in Ecuador. Part 2

The city of Machala,
province El Oro
As I promised, in the second part of Article I will tell you more about the province of El Oro. El Oro province is located at the southwestern corner of Ecuador. To the East the Pacific Ocean. This province has a great variety of climates, which range from warm at the coastal region to Andean cold at Chilla Mountains. When we arrived to Machala first thing was questioned about the weather. We were told that the day she can change about 4 times. That is what happened. There was rain and sunshine, however, the temperature does not drop below 23 degrees. It should be noted that in this sunny region, the sun is not tiring, it's very ... soft, not burning so that even half-day heat treated very easily.The coastal branch of the Panamericana Highway, communicates with many main cities of other provinces forms the road web

Bus is the most popular transport
of El Oro
At the Highlands we can find the history of gold mining in Zaruma and Portovelo, cities that keep feelings of a past time, full of archeological testimonies, traditions and cultural identity. At the coastal zone, there is a fantastic hydrographic scenery that feeds the fertile lands of the sector. A charming petrified forest, a commercial invariable boundary zone and an exuberant archipelago with mangrove swamps enriched by the marine fauna of considerable ecologic value

And here is the transport
 for the kids of Machala))
We  do not accidentally select the province to conduct the program. El Oro, Ecuador is in a nutshell, here is everything and I am sure this experience will be very interesting for our volunteers, pioneers of this volunteer program.
To travel around El Oro province is easy due to the short distances among the different sceneries and the inexpensive for the students pocket. Our volunteers will have enough time to discover this beautiful area. If you want to have a speed look at this region you can spend the day at the sea and at the night to have a great dinner in the city of the Palm trees. The next day you can visit a gold mine and another day to spend in the hardest forest of Ecuador. I must say that an exuberant forests and running waters of friendly hydrographic fountains are the part of the scenery.

Sunny day in Machala
What  else? I would like you to know about the city where you probably will live while program. Welcome to Machala, the city that is next to the see and is the capital city of the province. Puerto Bolivar. Some time ago it was separated from Machala but the cities expanded rapidly and now Port Bolivar is a part of the capital. It is an eternal spectator of the richest zone in potassium which provides banana, the fruit that has maintained this province as the best producer in Ecuador and around the world during many decades. Population of Machala is mainly engaged with the banana commercial exportation, which is the reason why it is the worldwide recognized as “The World’s Banana Capital City”. The shrimp farms is another commercial activity, and in a lower percentage the production of cocoa. Fishing is mostly hand carried.

These bananas will go to the kids of El Oro.
Program "Bananito amigo"
But stop, why am I writing just about the economy? Of course students, volunteers are not mostly interested in it. Fiestas) Yes, the province is rich in traditions. Here's an example:
•          Patron festival in honor to the Virgin of Las Mercedes is carried out on September 24th, a beauty contest is held to elect the World Wide Queen of Banana producers and export countries,
•          Canton festival is celebrated on June 25th, with activities that include social and cultural acts, civil and military parades, popular dancing and artistic shows:

•          Battle of the Coachs-Batalla de las Carretas: in homage to the action carried out by General Manuel Serrano on May 9th, 1895, supporting to General Eloy Afaro and is Revolution. The bloodless action was of vital importance for the liberal triumph;
Beautiful Children Park,
Puerto Bolivar’s foundation: on December 18th each year is celebrated the civic anniversary of this important Port, named in honor to Simon Bolivar, the Liberator. Besides, every 24th of September takes place the Worldwide Banana Fair. Part of the celebration is the election of the Queen of the event. Beautiful girls come from producer and consumer countries to participate in this contest. At the same date is the celebration for the Virgin Mercedes, the religious party can be another attraction for our volunteers)

Another issue which I think may be interesting for our volunteers is a traditional food of the province. First of all, we recall that the province is on the coast, that"s  why I can say that the seafood lovers are lucky) and who does not love this tasty and healthy food?
Machala for example offers to the visitors a great variety of dishes. Among the principals are elaborated based o sea food, such as ceviches and “sudados” of black shell, shrimp, fish and crab, desserts, confitures and a wide display of typical dishes elaborated with banana, green or ripen. Among its typical dishes is “Largado”, a soup made with meat and grounded plantain. Regarding the popular among students fast food are the empanadas made with flour of wheat or plantain, the “tamales”, the “humas”, the “bolon” elaborated with boiled plantain and pieces o pork (“chicharron”), the “arepas” and the “bollos”.

So guys, who have already decided to register with our program, you see that you will find not only useful and fascinating work with the young generation of the province but also the possibility of interesting leisure activities in the amazing province of El Oro that's just looking forward to you!

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