viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015

My Lead Adventures experience

Hi dear folks! Im Kate, Ukrainian girl (a lawyer..:)) who came to Ecuador to discover this amazing country and I'd like to share my first and successful experience of an internship here. Three months ago I came to this completely unknown for me country to visit my friends. Walking around the city, travels ... Ecuador impressed me so much! But I felt I wanted to understand this life fully, from inside, by myself, to learn the language and to meet new interesting people. So I found an internship in Lead Adventuresl travel agency. It s already 3 months I ve been working with the guys. Used to spend many hours together, I love them so much! Every day I see how selflessly work my colleagues, paying much attention and care to each tourist . It s so nice to see happy faces of our customers,it s so important for them to get good support and assistance particularly in a totally strange country!

Unfortunately time is running quickly and the term of my internship comes to the end. New interns from other countries will seat at my workplace.. As for me, I might prepare my documents to one of our volunteer programs in Galapagos and hope to share my my certainly unforgettable impressions and photos.

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